Your ancestry through the post | Michael Rivera

BONUS EPISODE:  Unraveling your genetic code may help you map your family tree. But genetic ancestry testing through the post could have serious, real world implications – from a lack of diversity in datasets to reinforcing racial stereotypes. Dr Michael Rivera takes us on a tour of how anthropology and genetic testing overlaps and how …

The Birds and the Bees | Dan Rouse

BONUS EPISODE: Dan Rouse, presenter and ornithologist, tells us about the impact of bee loss for the planet. She explores how our world would look without our fuzzy friends and warns us of the knock-on effect of insect loss on other animals – like birds.  

THE CRISPR ARMS RACE | Dr Maryam Khosravi

BONUS EPISODE: Dr Maryam Khosravi tells us about the urgent need for legislation to inform scientific use of CRISPR, especially in light of the CRISPR babies born with and edited genome. Are scientists, enthusiastic to make scientific discovery, going to make immoral decisions with CRISPR technology?