Vaccine Nationalism | We aren’t safe until we’re all safe

With the breaking news that the UK will be rolling out Covid-19 vaccines before the New Year, the global effort for solving this global pandemic comes into questions. We are at risk of wealthier countries hoarding the vaccines and gatekeeping them from other countries. Dr Farah joins us to explore how we can combat vaccine …

A GP in a Pandemic

Despite their role in community-focused medicine and their intimate knowledge of their patients, GPs were left behind during the COVID pandemic. Dr Amber Wheatley tells us about life in general practice during the coronavirus crisis and why this has been a downfall in tackling the virus for the UK’s most vulnerable patients.

Working on a Coronavirus Ward | Dr Harry Ferguson

Given the global pandemic and wide circulation of misinformation, experts will be joining the Inside the Petri Dish team (virtually – for socially distancing) to get to grips with COVID19. Alice speaks to a close friend, Dr Harry Ferguson, who is staffing a coronavirus ward in Wales, about what symptoms we should look out for, …

Talk Dirty Science To Me | The Science of Sex

Tay, Vicki and Alice return to Cardiff Science Festival to host another live podcast, this time they tackle the science of sex. Joined by Sian Jones, from Scarleteen, Inside the Petri Dish examines everything from the misconceptions of sex to HPV and contraception. Join them for a less-than-serious chat about the down-belows.