My genes, my future | Emma Yhnell

BONUS EPISODE: No one should be told that they have the gene for a life threatening illness through the post, but that is what is happening with at-home genetic testing kits. Dr Emma Yhnell explains how breaking the news about genetic disease shouldn’t be done via a letter and what consequences through-the-mail genetic tests are having on people concerned about their predisposition to genetic conditions.

Your ancestry through the post | Michael Rivera

BONUS EPISODE:  Unraveling your genetic code may help you map your family tree. But genetic ancestry testing through the post could have serious, real world implications – from a lack of diversity in datasets to reinforcing racial stereotypes. Dr Michael Rivera takes us on a tour of how anthropology and genetic testing overlaps and how these at-home tests could be damaging.

You’ve Got Mail | Genetic Ancestry Testing

Spit in a tube and in a few weeks you could be cracking the code to life. You can now get an in-depth look at your genetics through the mail, dissecting your family tree and the future of your health. Genetic testing through the post has become a revolution, but their ethics and accuracy have come into question. Alice, Tay and Vicki are joined by experts to find out more about the consequences of giving your genetic code to a faceless organisation.

Find out more about this topics in our bonus episodes, with the full interviews with our guests, which will be released after this episode.

Keep On Keeping Bees | Helen Obee Reardon

Bonus Episode: Helen Obee Reardon lifts the lid of a beehive to tell us what it’s like to be a bee keeper. She also explains some of the negative sides of beekeeping, and how it would be more of a benefit if more people became ‘beegrowers’.

THE CRISPR ARMS RACE | Dr Maryam Khosravi

BONUS EPISODE: Dr Maryam Khosravi tells us about the urgent need for legislation to inform scientific use of CRISPR, especially in light of the CRISPR babies born with and edited genome. Are scientists, enthusiastic to make scientific discovery, going to make immoral decisions with CRISPR technology?

Augmented Humans | The CRISPR Revolution

Alice, Tay and Vicki are back for Series 2.0 of Inside the Petri Dish, putting science under the microscope with fascinating interviews with guest experts. To kick off the new season, Priscila Rodriguez Garcia and Dr Maryam Khosravi joined them to delve into the genome and tell us about how we are now starting to tamper with the building blocks of life to hopefully cure genetic disease.

Find out more about CRISPR in our bonus episodes, with the full interviews with our guests, which will be released after this episode.

A Plan to Save the World | Live Episode

Vicki, Tay and Alice kick off series two of Inside the Petri Dish with a big task – putting together a plan to save the world. As part of Cardiff Science Festival, they went down into the old bank vault under Little Man Coffee with a group of experts, to assemble a strategy to avoid the planet’s impending doom in front of a live audience.

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