Bee Gone, Bees | The Death of Insects

Inserts are in decline. For those scared of creepy crawlies, that might sound like a good thing – but it does mean the demise of the planet. Alice, Tay and Vicki are finding out what our world would look like with out bees and insects, with fascinating interviews with guest experts. Joined by Dan Rouse and Helen Obee Reardon, they hear about what we have to look forward to if insects and bees continue on their downward decline.

Find out more about this topics in our bonus episodes, with the full interviews with our guests, which will be released after this episode.

THE CRISPR ARMS RACE | Dr Maryam Khosravi

BONUS EPISODE: Dr Maryam Khosravi tells us about the urgent need for legislation to inform scientific use of CRISPR, especially in light of the CRISPR babies born with and edited genome. Are scientists, enthusiastic to make scientific discovery, going to make immoral decisions with CRISPR technology?