From Ebola to Long Covid

When deployed to the ebola outbreak, Dr Janet Scott worked with patients experiencing long-term health problems after recovering from the virus. In the current global pandemic, we are also seeing many people suffering from a multitude of issues after recovering from coronavirus – known as Long Covid.

Dr Janet Scott has been working to investigate what long term issues people may face, even if they recover from Covid-19, and joins us in this episode of Inside the Petri Dish to talk about how we prepare for pandemics and what symptoms people could face after covid.

A GP in a Pandemic

Despite their role in community-focused medicine and their intimate knowledge of their patients, GPs were left behind during the COVID pandemic. Dr Amber Wheatley tells us about life in general practice during the coronavirus crisis and why this has been a downfall in tackling the virus for the UK’s most vulnerable patients.

Pregnant and in Social Isolation

Given the global pandemic and wide circulation of misinformation, experts will be joining the Inside the Petri Dish team (virtually – for socially distancing) to get to grips with COVID19.

Yesterday, Boris Johnson announced the UK is on lockdown. This can be a scary thought for pregnant people or those with newborns. Tay speaks to Dr Sofia Komninou, a lecturer in Public Health, Policy and Social Sciences from Swansea University, to hear about the current guidelines for those in social isolation and lockdown with a young family or who are expecting a baby.

Working on a Coronavirus Ward | Dr Harry Ferguson

Given the global pandemic and wide circulation of misinformation, experts will be joining the Inside the Petri Dish team (virtually – for socially distancing) to get to grips with COVID19.

Alice speaks to a close friend, Dr Harry Ferguson, who is staffing a coronavirus ward in Wales, about what symptoms we should look out for, what it’s like to work in the unit as well as what we should be doing to protect the vulnerable people in our society.

Talk Dirty Science To Me | The Science of Sex

Tay, Vicki and Alice return to Cardiff Science Festival to host another live podcast, this time they tackle the science of sex. Joined by Sian Jones, from Scarleteen, Inside the Petri Dish examines everything from the misconceptions of sex to HPV and contraception. Join them for a less-than-serious chat about the down-belows.

Swipe Left? Swipe Right? | AI & Dating Apps

One third of marriages are now the result of dating apps. With dating apps becoming the baseline for finding a new beau, what’s going on behind the swiping left and right? Tay and Vicki tear out the algorithms behind dating apps by setting up a profile for Alice. To explain how it all works, they are joined by experts Dr Martin Graff and Jordan Harrod, who explore what’s going on in the AI behind Bumble, Tinder and Hinge.

Find out more about this topics in our bonus episodes, with the full interviews with our guests, which will be released after this episode.

My genes, my future | Emma Yhnell

BONUS EPISODE: No one should be told that they have the gene for a life threatening illness through the post, but that is what is happening with at-home genetic testing kits. Dr Emma Yhnell explains how breaking the news about genetic disease shouldn’t be done via a letter and what consequences through-the-mail genetic tests are having on people concerned about their predisposition to genetic conditions.

Your ancestry through the post | Michael Rivera

BONUS EPISODE:  Unraveling your genetic code may help you map your family tree. But genetic ancestry testing through the post could have serious, real world implications – from a lack of diversity in datasets to reinforcing racial stereotypes. Dr Michael Rivera takes us on a tour of how anthropology and genetic testing overlaps and how these at-home tests could be damaging.